The Lakewood 6 were back in action for another perilous and bloody adventure again this week. The weekend at Shallow Grove Island – appropriately nicknamed Murder Island – proved to be an interesting departure from Lakewood, and unexpectedly from Ghost Face.

Non surprisingly the groups little get-away quickly descended into another nightmare. Emma’s holiday squeeze, Tom Martin, (posing as Alex Whitten) turned out to be the masked killer, butchering inhabitants of the island with an old pair of garden sheers.

After a long standoff in the dark mansion – in which the infamous Whitten murders took place a century before – Emma prevails once again. She sends the enraged killer over the Mansion balcony, onto the stone stairway below in full view of her pals, who look up at her like faithful disciples.
Now we can look ahead to Season 3 and what will come from this brief slasher fest. The ending certainly dropped a few clangers for us to ponder while we begin the lengthy wait for a return to Lakewood.


Firstly, its worth mentioning that although the end of Season 2 eluded to a return for Emma’s killer boyfriend, Kieran, that can well and truly be ruled out now. Instead of getting the revelation and closure of uncovering who Kieran’s partner in crime was, instead we’re left with further questions. We begin to understand that Kieran wasn’t the brains of the operation and was essentially the pawn in someone else’s master-plan.

He demands to know who is behind the Ghost Face after completing his ‘end of the bargain,’ before being mutilated in brutally visceral fashion and left in a pool of blood in the police lock-up.

We then see the return of Emma’s Father, Kevin Duval, after a long absence from the beginnings of Season 2. Kevin is pictured stood over Kieran’s grave. Could this potentially mean that he paid the visit to Kieran in the lock-up and took retribution for the pain he inflicted on his daughter? or is it merely coincidental?

Either way Emma’s father will certainly have his part to play in the next season. His reintroduction just wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

The scene that concludes the Halloween Special is by far the most intriguing though. It seems a familiar name muttered throughout the series is set to make a return:

”Hello Mr James, welcome to Lakewood,” were the words uttered by the motel receptionist to someone out of shot. Could this be the return of Daisy’s special friend? or perhaps be a descendant of Brandon James? only time will tell.

Either way the set up to the third and presumably final season of the series, is full of mystery and intrigue once again and fans can’t wait to see the infamous Ghost Face on their screens once more.

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