The sequel to Red Barrel’s groundbreaking cat and mouse horror has been officially confirmed for a Q1 release in 2017, and whats more we have a demo to get stuck into.
Short but sweet this demo definitely wets the pallet for us horror fans and leaves us wanting more.

The game opens with a brief premise for the narrative. You play as Blake Langermann; an investigative journalist with a tendency to end up in deep waters, uncovering stories other journalists wouldn’t touch with a 10 ft barge poll… ring any bells?

In this case Blake and his wife Lynn (same occupation) are investigating the murder of a pregnant woman known only as Jane Doe, as shades of corruption add intrigue and value to the couple. Anyway they get their story, sell it to the press and live happily ever after.

Not quite.

Blake crawls from the wreckage of a car that has veered off the road in the Arizona desert and Lynn is nowhere to be seen. You find yourself going door to door knocking at desolate shacks in a dark, windy dust-bowl of a village, all the while shouting for Lynn. It becomes apparent pretty quickly that you’ve stumbled upon some form of satanic cult, as you venture into a chamber filled with dead bodies, all the while being stalked by hovering eyes and rustling in the darkness.


We are then introduced to the ever familiar supernatural side of Outlast, as Blake is dragged into a well by an evil entity. This mass of tongues and teeth is presumably a product of satanic rituals/human sacrifice, although it could potentially be an indication that Blake is mentally unstable.

He then awakes from a tussle with the tongues and finds himself in what is presumably a mental projection of his old school, as snow falls outside. He is toyed by projections of his past while being stalked by an evil presence through the locker rooms and classrooms, before suddenly being snapped back into reality.

Outlast 2 2

Blake flees the village’s evil inhabitants through corn fields, in what is easily the most tense and nerve wracking section of the demo. Flashlights spill through the gaps between the plants, as you frantically navigate to an opening and scale a fence.
Just when you start to feel a remittance of safety and relief, its instantly crushed in typical Outlast fashion. Your stomach sinks as you’re mutilated by what is presumably the main antagonist – going from the previous promotional pieces and the front cover.

Demo over… the long wait begins.

If you’ve played the predecessor, it’s relatively safe to assume that Blake wont be reunited with his beloved and he will most likely be tortured with further projections, all manifesting themselves as jump scares and arduous chases. One thing is for sure, the set up to the sequel is certainly intriguing and open ended with great potential, unlike many competitors in the horror genre.


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