Alan Wake came out of the blue in 2010 claiming to be a fresh take on narrative based gaming. Labelled a ‘psychological thriller’ Alan Wake has gained a loyal fan-base for its originality and combination of quality story-telling and exciting gameplay.

It’s now been six years since Remedy released Alan Wake and developments have been few and far between. However, we’re not complaining. Remedy are renowned for releasing innovative and polished products and Quantum Break certainly looks the part.
Anyhow, Remedy’s followers are far more excited by Sam Lake’s (Head Writer) recent admission that Alan Wake 2 exists. In what capacity we’re unsure, but we’ve been assured that we will play a sequel eventually.

What can we expect from Alan Wake 2?
The first thing that’s almost guaranteed with this sequel, is that it will contain elements of live action role-play to carry the narrative.

If we’re going by their most recent projects, Quantum Break relies heavily on live action with an array of great actors; such as Aiden Gillen and Shawn Ashmore. Alan Wake and American Nightmare also used live action whenever Mr. Scratch made an appearance, so its safe to assume it will make a return in the sequel.

A direct focus on pacing and narrative. What Remedy does brilliantly is to tell a story. Pacing is an element of gaming that’s largely absent from gaming in today’s market, but Remedy have it to a t. Instead of relentlessly grinding out chapter by chapter killing countless assailants, Alan Wake makes each encounter feel meaningful. They also break the action with exploration and role-play elements, making the experience feel richer and tangible.

Stunning Visuals. Alan Wake was released in 2010 after being in development for 5 years and the attention to detail didn’t go unnoticed.

From the desolate and modest little village, to the eerie dark forests inhabited by ‘the taken,’ Bright Falls was a beautiful and fully realised setting. American Nightmare then followed suit with an equally unnerving backdrop in the form of Night Springs, Arizona. Expansive and teaming with horrific new enemies this arcade sequel maintained and slightly improved the level of aesthetics.

With next-gen consoles now on the market, the potential for visuals in Alan Wake 2 is truly an exciting prospect, and if Quantum Break is the level they’re currently operating at, were in for a treat.

There’s currently no word on when we’ll get to play this game, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned to not complain about, its Remedy taking their time.

We’ve been promised our sequel people. Patience.

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