Love survival horror? 2017 is your year then…
A batch of the best designed and most technologically advanced horrors ever made are on the
way; positively engineered to leave you clutching your duvet at night. Doubtless you’re already aware of the major releases on the way, such as We Happy Few, Friday the 13th and Visage.
Here’s the pick of those that slid under the radar:


Developed by TheDeepEndGames, Perception puts a fresh and innovative twist on the genre.
Perception is a first person exploration/puzzle solving/survival horror, in which the gamer
will embody visually the impaired Cassie. Using echo-vision mechanics; created by ‘sound
bombs’ (stomping, and throwing objects), the environment becomes temporarily visible.
The premise is that Cassie must discover the secrets behind a haunted mansion on Echo
Estate, New England.

However, reality seems less tangible as you progress through the harrowing experience and
you will figure sooner than later that these ‘sound bombs’ can come at a cost.
The mansion is inhabited by an apparition known as ‘The Presence’ who will stalk you
throughout, much like the Alien in Alien Isolation.

With developers from Bioshock, Bioshock Infinate and Dead Space involved in development,
it’s safe to say this one is a prospect and shouldn’t be missed.

Coming to Windows/Steam/Potential console versions


Developed by Thotwise using the aesthetically impressive and ever reliable Unreal Engine 4
comes Abductions.

Throughout this Linear first person experience, you will play the role of Holly Sanders. Holly
is struggling with the queer disappearance of her husband and is now resigned to caring for
her infant son alone, disturbed and troubled.
You will face a terrifying revelation, as you are visited and harassed by extra terrestrial
beings in your homely estate. You will explore the residence and aim to uncover secrets, while ultimately protecting your

It seems as though the game heavily focuses on pacing and atmosphere and doesn’t conform
to the cliché of spamming the gamer with countless jump scares, which is music to the ears of
true horror fans.

Coming to Windows/Mac/Linux/PS4


Developed by Lunar Software comes Routine. Reminiscent of Alien Isolation, this first
person survival horror will precariously place you on a desolated moon base.
On board you will collate data and survive long enough to uncover the truth behind the
strange disappearance of everyone. Armed with an EMP device you will temporarily stun
bio-mechanical enemies that stalk the hallways and elude them through fleeing and hiding.

Routine’s Lunar base is designed around an 80’s version of the future and visually the
backdrop is incredibly impressive. The level of detail in the environment looks to make your perilous
mess feel all the more tangible; announcement boards, desktop PCs and documents are plentiful in the
world and are all conducive to finding out what happened on the station.

The developers have admitted they underestimated the requirements of creating a game of
this magnitude and were blindsided with time-frames initially.
However they have assured followers that Routine will be coming out in 2016 and said to
watch for gameplay videos closer to release.

Coming to Windows/Steam with “potential” for a PS4 release

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